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Here's how and why I can help you

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Serving people since 2008

It would be nice to be able to wake up every morning and feel like you have the strength to conquer the world, right?

Have you ever said to yourself:

If I had understood earlier I would have made other decisions...

if i had noticed it sooner now my life would be different.

I hadn't thought of that, it would have been easier!

how nice it would be to live with a light heart: I would no longer have a head full of thoughts and worries

In 2008, I opened my first studio to the people of Trento and still today I offer a wide range of services from counseling to real psychotherapeutic sessions, to overcome challenges and the most difficult periods of life or to improve oneself.


I can help you:


to see things from another perspective and solve situations you didn't think possible.

recovering or conquering lightness and well-being, for this reason I believe that investing in ourselves is the best we can do in your life.

How you do it?

Having the right lenses to see life in a new way and having the best tools to find new ways of thinking, doing and giving solutions to life situations and improve ourselves and the sooner we do it the better it is because we can:

be more open to others and share new friendships;

relate to others more effectively in work as in private life;

learn how to recognize the right partner for us,

see opportunities more objectively and make the right choices.

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